Private label rights and their products are rapidly increasing in popularity. Many internet users looking to make money online are realizing the potential for huge profits. Private label right products, otherwise known as PLR products, come in a number of different formats. One of the most popular are written products, such as articles and e-books.

As for how people make money with PLR articles and e-books, the options are virtually endless. To get started, we will first focus on e-books.

Buying The Re-Branding And Reselling RightA PLR e-book is traditionally sold for twice or three times the average selling price. For example, a 50-page e-book on saving money at the grocery store may sell for $19.99. For private label rights, you could expect to pay between $40 and $60. While this seems like a lot, you aren’t just buying an e-book to read. You are buying the re-branding and reselling right. You can rewrite all or portions of the e-book, change the author’s name to yours, and sell. When doing so, you sell to interested buyers for the $19.99 price. At this price, if you paid $60 and sell just 5 e-books at $19.99 and you make a profit!

As for how you can sell these e-books, the best option is to buy a cheap domain name and web hosting. All you really need is one or two pages. Outline your book, include a sample, mention the price, and include eye-catching graphics. Drive traffic to your sales page and generate interest with online message boards, article directories, or create your own affiliate program. You can also rely on popular third-party website, like, where you list your e-book for sale on an established website. However, these websites take a percentage from each sale, cutting into your profits.

As for PLR articles, you have much more freedom. Most buyers take the articles and use them for website content. For example, if you purchase a package of 25 articles on how to choose a chiropractor, you have 25 pages of web content. Link those pages through the menu bar and content links. Choose an affordable web-hosting package and pick a related domain name. As for how these websites make money, there are pay-per-click advertising programs, affiliate programs, and the outright selling of ad space.

Above were two easy ways that you can make money from one PLR e-book or one batch of 25 PLR articles. These methods will make you money, but how would you like to make even more? In some instances you can and with only spending a few minutes or hours.

Mentioned above was the example of a 50-page e-book on how to save money at the grocery store. It was a specific e-book, which focused on the grocery store. However, there are many other locations were consumers want to save money and much of the same advice applies. Create a sales page to sell your grocery store e-book. Then, take the rough draft copy of that e-book and make changes. Create a new e-book on how to save money at farmer’s markets, how to save money at organic food stores, how to save money clothes shopping, and so forth. Many of the same tips apply, such as using coupons, looking for good sales, looking for price errors, and so forth. You can literally just interchange a few words and get two, three, or even four new e-books, all of which you can sell to interested buyers!

The same can be done with PLR articles. Mentioned above was the example of buying a 25 pack of PLR articles on the subject of finding a chiropractor. This is a medical profession and just one of many. You can easily interchange chiropractor with doctor, surgeon, or dentist. Only a few content changes are needed, as much of the content stays the same. So, you created a website with Google AdSense ads and affiliate banners with the original articles. This website will make you money. Slightly change your articles three times for dentists, surgeons, and family doctors. You now have three more additional websites you can create, all of which will earn you money!

As originally stated, it is very easy to make money with written PLR products, like e-books and articles. Nevertheless, why not aim higher? With only a small amount of work and time on your part, you can easily double or triple your earnings.